Greater Manchester Centre for Voluntary Organisation

Who we work with

We work strategically to strengthen the local the voluntary sector, builds bridges with other sectors, and influence local and national policy. As an infrastructure support organisation for Greater Manchester our engagement is delivered through a range of projects and thematic networks and services. In particular, we work with the following groups and organisations:

Frontline organisations: those working directly with the public;
Infrastructure organisations: working with the voluntary sector, either generic, specialist by profession or specialist by client group and either local, sub-regional, regional or national;
Government and statutory organisations: local authorities in Greater Manchester, AGMA, health authorities, Transport for Greater Manchester, and Government departments.
Others: including private sector infrastructure and private sector organisations, the media, universities, research institutions, funders, international organisations and GMCVO members.

A large element of our work involves representing the views and needs of people involved in local voluntary action, sharing ideas and brokering relationships with other sectors. We do this by working in partnership with relevant local, regional and national support organisations. We also represent the sector within in a number of key partnerships including Greater Manchester Forum, Healthy Communities’ Partnership Core Group, Reducing Reoffending Board, and Greater Manchester Police Authority Confidence and Equalities Board.

Information on how organisations can get involved with GMCVO and influence policy in areas such as health, transport, volunteering, criminal justice, equalities and human rights, and economic and social inclusion, and a summary of how GMCVO is involved with strategic commissions at local authority level are provided in the attached guides.

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