Greater Manchester Centre for Voluntary Organisation

Youth unemployment warning

Youth unemployment is becoming a danger to society, according to shadow chancellor Ed Balls. Speaking during a visit to Greater Manchester recently, he said that the coalition Government could not afford to sit on its hands if it wanted to prevent a crisis.

The comment came after the Manchester Evening News revealed that up to one in five 16-24 year olds are claiming jobseekers’ allowance in unemployment hotspots across Greater Manchester – now the highest rate of youth unemployment in the North West.

Mike Emmerich, chief executive of Greater Manchester think-tank New Economy, said: “The figures are grim, year-on-year. The concern is that Government responds to recession, and the tragedy of youth unemployment, by initiatives and pots of money in order to try and do something. It’s about making sure that in the end they are getting to the heart of the problem – which is kids not getting jobs.”

[from: New Economy Daily News Update 14.5.12]